E-waste Recycling

With the rising number of e-waste ending up in landfills, we’re in dire need of a solution to turn it all around.

Say Hello To The Circular Economy Revolution.
E-waste disposal is the cause of 70% of toxic chemicals getting exposed to our environment due to landfills. For this reason, it’s now important more than ever to encourage e-waste recycling practices in our community.
To counteract this ongoing problem, Tekflow is here to promote e-waste recycling in Australia and start a circular economy revolution on a national scale.

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We are paving the way as the leading electronic waste recycling and collection company in Australia. We provide sustainable solutions for businesses, councils, schools, and community initiatives to safely discard and recycle their technology items.

Providing our services in NSW & Victoria, we also are in contact with affiliated providers across ACT, QLD, SA, & WA. In addition to our reprocessing services, we also facilitate collection drop-offs/pick-ups, IT asset disposition and data destruction, asset recovery and repurposing, and so much more.

With our holistic and wide scope of facilities, we are intent on helping business leaders who are dealing with sustainability and security obligations, to recycle their rubbish the smart way. We offer a simple and transparent solution, to reduce the toxic load ending up in our landfills.

Our company is founded upon the circular economy which is focused on transforming e-waste disposals into a product and/or commodity that can be reused again and again. By doing so, we hope to make our country completely self-sufficient in managing their rubbish and as a result, close the circular economy loop.

What Is E-Waste?

E-waste is any kind of technology device that has a battery or a power cord that has been thrown away without any inclination to be re-used again.

In short, they can be split into the following four categories:

Audio/Visual Apparatus
CD / DVD’s / Blu-Rays
Chargers & Cables
Computer Equipment
Floppy Disks / USBs / Hard Drives
Hand-Held Devices​
Network Equipment
TV Equipment
Consumer Appliances
Air Conditioners
Fax Machines / Printers / Scanners / Photocopiers
Coffee Machines
Light Bulbs
Fluorescent Tubes
Chargers & Cables
Computer Equipment
Audio/Visual Apparatus
Electric Motors
Toner & Ink Cartridges
Electronic Whiteboard
Aluminium / Copper / Brass / Steel

What Can Be Recycled?

During our electronic recycling operations, 100% of the items listed above such as computers, phones, televisions, and more, can be reprocessed without disassembling their parts.

While this is the case, the reality is that less than 1% of Australia’s TVs and 10% of laptops thrown away in landfills can be reused.

As an example, if 50% of TVs in Australia were reclaimed rather than dumped into landfills, 23,000 tonnes of these emissions could be saved annually (Clean Up Australia, 2022).

Because of this, we have made it our initiative to proactively manage and salvage e-waste disposals to counteract this global crisis. By doing so, we hope to encourage sustainability practices among the Australian community and beyond.

Under the NTCRS scheme, we’re able to recycle televisions, computers, printers, and computer parts & peripherals to minimise environmental impact.

What is the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS)?

The NTCRS is an environmental initiative from the Australian Government that aims to provide households and small businesses with access to e-waste recycling services. This initiative aims to encourage major distributors of computers and televisions to do their part to minimise their environmental impact and give back to the community.

How Does The Electronic Waste Recycling Process Work?

As we’ve mentioned, our service aims to salvage up to 100% of items that goes through Tekflow. Unlike our competitors, we assure you that your contributions end up in landfills, taken to secondary recyclers, or sold overseas. Using our solutions, you can rely on us knowing that your worn-out technology will be put in good hands.

Our list of services during the process includes:
- Asset Registration & Tracking
- Cables, Switches & Other Accessories
- E-waste Recycling Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, & Scrap Metals
- Product Refurbishment & Shredding
- Secure Product Destruction

Why Choose Tekflow?

Tekflow is the leading electronic waste and collection company, being the answer to Australia’s increasing landfill problem. We find ways to help other businesses ethically, safely, and thoroughly salvage their litter for better use.

We aim to encourage a circular economy revolution intent on making sure nothing is left to squander throughout our reclaiming, re-use, and repurposing process. Established across major facilities in both NSW & Victoria, we are in contact with affiliated service providers across the other states to guarantee no surface of our country is left with recyclable technology materials.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can minimise your environmental impact, feel free to get in touch over email (info@tekflow.net.au) or phone (1300 439 278 (1300 4 EWASTE)) to get started!

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