IT Asset Disposition & Data Sanitisation Services

For the ever-increasing and complex privacy and security requirements that organisations must meet to ensure sensitive information is not exposed or able to fall into the wrong hands.  

In order to achieve our mission of 100% e-waste diversion from landfills, we need to ensure that any and all pieces of equipment that contain potential sensitive info is 100% removed to ensure secure document destruction and peace of mind.

To ensure confidence, companies and those responsible for e-waste management & recycling need a robust IT asset disposition (ITAD) strategy, and technology to make sure total data sanitisation is achieved.

This is where Tekflow comes in.

We understand the enormous pressures that befall modern organisations and individuals who have a large degree of personal and sensitive information stored in the digital realm. As the premier and only end-to-end e-waste collection, recycling, and repurposing firm in the country – we realise we need to set the tone and offer top-tier data destruction & sanitsation services that follow rigorous guidelines and have assurances therein.  

Our process involves multiple levels of cross-checking and assurances that all private and personal information is removed completely from existence before repurposing or ethically breaking down devices and equipment to be reintroduced back into the circular economy.

By showcasing a proven ability to completely remove sensitive and private information, the team at Tekflow is able to assuage privacy fears and doubts about e-waste collection and repurposing. All assets going through a Tekflow facility are tested, wiped, and tested again before they end up repurposed or destroyed.

Curious about how Tekflow can help you?

Our IT Asset Disposition Services

Data Sanitisation

Guaranteeing the secure and permanent scrubbing of sensitive files requires a powerful tool and stringent guidelines. Using the Blancco Drive Eraser v6.17.0., we are able to utilise 1-pass, 3-pass or 7-pass options for hard drive wiping. We are also able to provide a Cisco IP config wipe (upon request).

Asset Refurbishment

After ensuring that all sensitive information has been scrubbed – we ensure that all assets/products being refurbished meet an incredibly strict refurbishment standard. The devices that are being repurposed for resale in the market will come with an IP wipe certificate.  

Asset Disassembly

We provide complete disassembly of devices to their barebones and circuit boards. We believe that every single component of every device can be reused in some capacity, and in some form.

Secure & Ethical Product Demolition

If devices are not fit for direct reuse – our state-of-the-art shredding and recycling processors ensure secure document destruction in a safe and sustainable manner.

Condition Testing

All assets undergo a thorough examination to determine aesthetical appearance, operability, and overall completion. We can also provide condition reports if requested.

Our IT asset disposition services are a vital cog in the proceedings as tribulation surrounding private information is rife in modern day-to-day dealings. And as the Information Technology sector is constantly upgrading and updating to keep up with the times, the time has come to consider a more holistic and sustainable future for the e-waste that is oft thrown out too carelessly.

Why Is Local E-Waste & Recycling So Important?

As it stands, Tekflow is the only in-country e-waste management firm that does not export excess e-waste offshore (which is a common practice in the industry and simply contributes to the problem elsewhere).

By aiming towards a no-export and 100% no-landfill goal for e-waste in this country, we must become self-sufficient in the management and repurposing of electronic devices. Considering the world generates around 50 million tonnes of e-waste annually – it is time to lead the charge and show the country and the world that there is another way.

A cleaner way.

Our Holistic Solution

As we’ve mentioned, Tekflow offers a complete end-to-end e-waste management system which allows us to offer a range of e-waste services. From organising e-waste collection days or locations to complete corporate cleanouts and country-wide logistical services for transporting and repurposing. We ensure secure document destruction of any device or piece of equipment and believe that there is no electronic that is beyond utility.

Get in touch with one of our team about our IT asset disposition services today & contribute to a greener future!