IT Asset Recovery & Technology Repurposing Services

Tekflow utilises best-in-class proprietary technologies and IT asset recovery processes to retrieve 100% of materials from recyclable e-waste. Repurposing technology is an essential cog in the circular economy and instrumental for self-sustaining e-waste management.
E-waste has become one of the prevailing issues for our society with over 50 million tonnes of recyclable tech being produced around the world annually. As our dependence on tech grows, so too does the issue of e-waste which contributes 70% of the most toxic chemicals that are released into the atmosphere from landfills.
Diverting e-waste from landfills and repurposing technology is the responsible and logical solution. Tekflow is the industry leader and only in-country e-waste solution and sets an example of how it truly is possible for Australia to become economically and technologically self-sufficient with effective IT asset recovery services.

Closing The Circular Economy Loop

The Tekflow business model is all about the circular economy which is the key to a self-sustaining future for the country. The circular economy decouples economic growth from depending on finite resources for production and consumption.

Instead of the wasteful and landfill contributing linear production rhetoric of yesteryear, Tekflow and other IT asset recovery companies strive to use, re-use, and sustainably breakdown unusable tech to be re-introduced into production and close the circular economy loop.

We work with companies to determine and execute the right asset recovery strategies that align with their business objectives and long-term environmental plan. We’re the only in-country holistic end-to-end e-waste solution meaning we take care of each step of the recycling process, any e-waste that comes through our doors will be thoroughly inspected, data-wiped, and assessed for suitability.

Get To Know A Little More About Tekflow & What Makes Us Different From Any Other E-Waste Company In Australia

Our IT Asset Recovery Services

Technology Refurbishment
Metals Recovery
Emissions Harnessing
Product Disassembly To The Circuit Board Level
Repurposing Technology For Second-Hand Markets
Industry Leading Equipment

For Tekflow to be leaders in e-waste management, we utilise world-class facilities and processes in our IT asset recovery services. Thanks to our parent company E3Sixty’s revolutionary classification plant, the end-to-end e-waste solution we propagate is possible, and the first of its kind in the country.

Repurposing Technology & Second-Hand Markets

When e-waste doesn’t have to be broken down to the molecular level to be reconstituted and usable in the circular economy. E-waste that contains components that are usable and salvageable are often dismantled in our facilities with the components being sold onward to be implemented into new products.

There is also the opportunity for salvageable and working e-waste products to be sold off into second-hand markets directly and save them from heading to the landfill where they’ll contribute nothing to the world – except for more emissions.

The sad statistic for Australia is that fewer than 10% of our laptops and staggeringly 10% of our TV’s are not recycled and instead contributing to the e-waste epidemic.
Why More Companies Should Be Thinking About IT Asset Recovery

Companies should be considering the Tekflow model more carefully if they are to contribute to a better and more sustainable future. Our holistic end-to-end process means that we are able to ensure that the maximal positive impact is found. We’re able to come to company offices or assist communities in setting up a drop-off event.

As mentioned earlier, with 70% of the dangerous toxins entering the air coming from E-waste, we need to make changes. Tekflow is the perfect solution as far as IT asset recovery companies go as we make the entire process simple, convenient, and effective

How You Can Set The Tone

Choosing Tekflow means choosing a greener and prosperous future for the country and for your company. As we march toward 100% e-waste landfill diversion you set the tone for companies in your industry and can inspire others to think about their environmental impact and work towards changing it.

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