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Tekflow is the only holistic in-country processing and recycling e-waste service in Australia, helping to reduce the e-waste impact of organisations across the country.

E-waste Collection
Data Wiping, Sanitisation, and Destruction
E-waste Recycling 
Asset Recovery and Repurposing

E-Waste Collection and Events

We strive to be there for our clients every step of the way. Whether the job requires organising pick-ups, public e-waste drop off events, or tracking and reporting on all of the e-waste we receive as it gets treated for re-use back into the economy - we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of bespoke end-to-end logistics services completely tailored to meet our clients needs. 

Up to 100% Diversion from Landfill

E-Waste Recycling 

Tekflow offers recycling services for TV, PC’s, phones, and more. Our superior recycling process enables the processing of up to 100% of all e-waste without the need for prior manual dismantling. 

Up to 100% of E-waste Recycled

Changing the way we recycle today for the future

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IT Asset Disposition

Our IT asset disposition (ITAD) services guarantees 100% secure data wiping and provides IP wipe certificates with every device treated for resale, giving our clients the peace of mind of knowing that their sensitive files won’t fall into the wrong hands.

100% Secure Data Destruction

Asset Recovery and Repurposing

Tekflow provides options for the repurposing and resale of end-of-life technologies for reuse contributing to Australia’s aim of achieving economic self sufficiency and closing the circular economy

Certificates & Accreditations 

Use Tekflow to contribute to a circular economy and a sustainable future 

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