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in-country e-waste recycling.

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Clean, secure and sustainable e-waste recycling solutions

Tekflow provides end-to-end in-country
e-waste solutions for organisations, local councils, and communities to help facilitate their disposal of electronic waste in a clean, secure, and sustainable manner

Sustainable E-Waste Solutions
Circular Economy
Secure Data Destruction
Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable E-Waste Processing

We aspire to raise industry standards, make unethical practices obsolete, and divert up to 100% of e-waste from landfill in Australia.

Up to 100% of E-Waste Diverted from Landfill

Closing the Circular Economy Loop

Tekflow is contributing to the circular economy revolution. Our best-in-class technology recovers up to 100% of raw materials for reuse while reducing your environmental footprint.

Up to 100% of Materials Recycled

Changing the way we recycle today for the future

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Secure Data Destruction

To ensure your sensitive files don’t end up in the wrong hands, our process guarantees 100% secure data destruction so nothing is left to chance.

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100% Secure Data Destruction

Corporate Social Responsibility 

We make decisions that are sustainable, respectful, and have a positive influence on the world. We endeavour to deliver services to our customers that will contribute to their own CSR objectives.

Sustainable & Ethical Practices

Certificates & Accreditations 

The Tekflow Process



Organising e-waste events and collections with councils, schools and businesses to collect e-waste for processing.



Our technology recycles whole items without the need for manual pre-processing.



Our proprietary technology can recover up to 100% of materials from recycled e-waste.



Repurposing items for reuse closing the circular economy loop. 
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