E-waste Events & Collection Of Electronic Waste

E-waste is becoming a larger threat with each passing year.

Over 50 million tonnes of e-waste is produced globally, with only 20% of it being actively recycled. As we become more and more dependent on devices and electronics for our day-to-day lives, we need to think sustainably on the collection of electronic waste.

The circular economy is the future – in order to be prepared for it we need to begin with efficient and sustainable electronic recycling collection & repurposing.

This is where Tekflow comes in.

We are the industry leaders of e-waste collection and recycling in Australia, and we are entirely in-country - meaning we tackle e-waste recycling without exporting excess overseas. Thanks to our robust and streamlined services, technology and logistical capabilities, we are able to organise and assist LGAs, companies, and communities with their electronic recycling collection across the country.  

We collaborate with schools, small & large enterprises, communities, LGAs, and even NFP organisations to facilitate and run e-waste collection events as well as more regular initiatives and permanent staples for safe and sustainable e-waste collection.

We’re incredibly proud to be the industry leaders in a nation that has so much potential for self-sustaining practices. We’ve invested into technology that allows us to repurpose effectively. This essentially means we are able to recover almost 100% of the metals that are commonly found in these products – and repurpose them back into the circular economy.

Do You Want to Organise an E-Waste Collection Event for Your Area/Business?

Tekflow & The Circular Economy

At Tekflow, our driving ideology is that of the ‘circular economy’. The circular economy harnesses virtues of recycling, repurposing and re-using discarded materials to reduce and diminish the reliance on natural resource extraction.

With the reduction of natural resource extraction, and a noted reduction in excess with professional collection of electronic waste – Tekflow is aiming to get Australia to 100% diversion from landfills.

What is E-waste?

You may be wondering what types of products are involved with electronic recycling collection. Speaking broadly, it can be broken down into the following categories:

Audio/Visual Equipment
TV Equipment
Computer Equipment
Chargers & Cables
Hand-Held Devices
& More
Consumer Appliances
Printers/Scanners/Fax Machines
Coffee Machines
Microwaves & Toasters
& More
Chargers & Cables
& More
Others etc.
Electric Motors
Electric Whiteboards
Toner & Ink Cartridges
& More
Can You Really Recycle Everything?

Contrary to what many say, with the right technology and professional end-to-end holistic practices almost 100% of components can be salvaged and repurposed in some form or another. The sad reality is that a small fraction of Australia’s TV’s (1%) and laptops (<10%) are actually repurposed correctly.

It is absolutely essential that each of us begin to consider the impact this will have in the generations to come. Individuals, companies, and governments need to adopt a more proactive and sustainable approach to the recycling and collection of electronic waste.

Tekflow is literal proof of concept and by spreading the word and continuing on our path toward 100% landfill deference, we can continue leading the charge against unnecessary waste. We can become the industry standard and shine a light on the possibilities of the circular economy.

How Does the E-Waste Collection Process Work?

As it stands, Tekflow is the only company in Australia offering a full end-to-end solution that doesn’t rely on exportation of excess overseas. We are able to organise scheduled pick-ups or work in collaboration with communities and governments for special e-waste drop off events and initiatives where members of the public are able to drop-off their old equipment.

We take care of it from there, utilising our state-of-the-art logistics partners and warehousing facilities to process and repurpose materials and components to be sold on to the second-hand market or reimplemented into new products.  

What We Can Offer:
Bin Collection
On Premise Pallet, Cages & Bin Drop-Offs
On Premise Technology Swap Outs & Device Refresh
Sorting, Handling, & Management
Office Cleanouts
Contracting Services
Why It’s Important to Consider Our Impact

At Tekflow, it all comes down to sustainability and the true chasm that currently exists in Australia and around the world. As we become more dependent on technology, we need to think about the impact it will have as we continue to upgrade exponentially through the years.

We will continue to provide expertise, innovation, and unwavering support to businesses and communities that wish to become more sustainable and creative with their futures.

We provide so much more than electronic recycling collection. Find out more about our exciting solutions & join us as we venture towards the future.